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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#ShoutYourAbortion Old News: Try A Million Shouting It At You

This pro-choice woman set up this campaign, but she isn't too young to remember that the real truth about pro-choice folks is the exact reverse of what she believes is true.

She writes about her friend having written about

“...The assumption that abortion is still something to be whispered about.” That struck me hard. The fact that even progressive, outspoken, pro-choice feminists feel the pressure to keep our abortions under wraps – to speak about them only in corners, in murmurs, in private with our closest confidantes – means that opponents of abortion get to define it however suits them best. They can cast those of us who have had abortions as callous monstrosities, and seed fear in anyone who might need one by insisting that the procedure is always traumatic, always painful, always an impossible decision. Well, we’re not, and it’s not.
First of all, congratulations. You've arrived on Twitter, and here's what that amounts to.

More importantly, I'm amazed at the lack of awareness by these women. And to say that "my country is full of heavily armed, anti-intellectual GOP wingnuts", shows considerable ignorance as well.

I know there are bad elements on the pro-life side who are vicious--I've tried to shout those very same people down and shut them up. They are not the majority of those siding with life, however. They're just the ones the pro-choice media likes to give the only ink to, so you will think that they are. And you fell for it.

I'm not heavily-armed, I graduated from a good four-year college, and I love to read, and write, and debate and study politics. I could but I won't stoop to calling you the opposite equivalent of a wingnut, so let's grow up a bit and then we'll be taken a bit more seriously, hmmm?

But understand one big truth: being for one's abortion certainly has never suffered from forced-whispering-about.

In fact, "telling [pro-abortion] stories at full volume" is so not new, and this tweeter should know that. She was 22 when this over one-decade-old event proved that there is no pressure whatsoever to keep your pro-abortion stance under wraps:

"I consider myself fairly far along on the 'healing' and 'public-appearances' scales. We stood, all 500 of us in the Silent No More Awareness groups, in total silence as planned, for over five hours, not replying or saying one word to anything that was said or done to us, and I do mean anything.

"But nothing prepared me for literally mobs of livid people screaming the most hateful vicious snide things at me personally. We were spit on, and had an egg hurled at us from the marchers. There were two groups of Satanists. And the signs. Like the guy who held a handmade sign, 'BABY KILLER' with an arrow pointed downward at himself. If not for the riot police, we would have been mobbed. There was that much viciousness. People broke through the riot police's invisible line just to come up in my face and hurl insulting words. There were not enough police to form a complete line, so they would run up to me, shout out their abuse, and run back before the policeman or woman got to stop him/her. And I said nothing to anyone, just held my sign."

Like these women and men holding their signs:

Those signs, and our utter silence, are what drove hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, pro-choice marchers that day in Washington, DC, to frothing-mouthed, screaming, violent hatred, all directed at just us, mostly women, who've come to regret our abortions.

So please, don't tell me you haven't been able to "tell your stories at full volume!"

We're the ones who've been "chipping away at the stigma, the lies, the climate of shame." It's the pro-abortion advocates who have been lying to women for decades, not the pro-life ones.

We who know the regret, the remorse, we don't tell you that all women will feel regret or remorse. If you'd have listened and read us real closely, you'd already know that.

We're the ones chipping away at being condemned by both sides of the argument: by so-called moralists/Christians who condemn us for what we now know to be our sins, and by you who are pro-choice, who condemn us for coming to regret having had our abortions and for showing you the scientific truth of what a late term aborted child looks like and acts like as it dies in a metal dish.

No priest, Christian or video made me realize I'd done wrong when I aborted my only daughter. No outside factor caused me to feel shame or grief.

Having my son drove home the fact of what I'd done, and deep, deep down, I always felt, in my heart, it had been wrong. I'd bet my very life that that's all it took for most if not all of us who have come to regret.

Will you dismiss our hearts for "defining it however suits them best", too? Are only pro-choice women allowed to trust their hearts, their instincts, their feelings?

Did you ever stop to think of the possibility that if pro-choice women don't talk about it, it perhaps says more about how they might secretly feel about it than that they are forced to "keep it under wraps"?

I don't cast you as a callous monstrosity. I don't say it's always traumatic or painful. I don't "define it however suits me best." It defines itself in the picture of the dying baby in the metal dish.

The reason why you can't stop this image from wrenching the vast majority of all people's hearts is that there are far too many women who have seen this picture before, in living color, in the dead bodies of their own children, whether after saline abortions. thrown into a glass jar, or after suction abortions, in beakers or buckets on the countertop. I don't "seed fear in anyone who might need one", though the truth might do that all on its own, yet I have never seen you or your friends "dispel fear" by helping those who might need one to actually see all their real choices--I've never seen your friends funding the alternative choice offered by the over 3,000 crisis pregnancy centers that the pro-life folks, many of us post-abortive ourselves, have been doing for decades.

"Why wouldn’t I be happy that I was not forced to become a mother?"

That's what the famed President said.

Forced? Were you raped? Only in that case were you forced to be a mother. Otherwise, it was my choice, and yours, to have sex, knowing full well the potential result is a pregnancy. We're not stupid little girls who don't know that sex is how you get babies.

I have no one but myself to blame. Why do you think you have someone else to blame?

And the scientific truth is, the un-rewritten/un-politically-correct medical school textbooks and world-renowned embryologists already know, that you and I already became mothers, when we first conceived.

I've never let myself be lumped in with those you say are "terrorising" you, and I'm not about to start now. Pro-choice or pro-abortion folks here in the U.S. have got the President and virtually the entire media, on your side. We're the ones who need a little support in speaking up so we can find healing from our pain, and maybe, help someone we love to not have to risk this life of pain in the first place. Yet you want to silence us. That's rich.

Sadly, abortion will probably always be legal in the United States. Even if Roe v. Wade were overturned, nothing changes. It would have to be made illegal in each of the 50 states as well before it was banned entirely, so for those of you frothing over the Planned Parenthood defunding, chill out. They get tons of money too from private donors, always have, always will, so as long as you keep drinking their Kool-Aid, you're set.

And not for nothing, but you're three years younger than my daughter would have been. Go hug your mom.

Someone ought to hashtag that.


A few pro-life Tweets to that pro-choice hashtag are worth checking out here, especially Gianna Jessen, Jewels Green, FeministsNonviolence, ELLYMAYE, Sister Toldjah, and Melissa.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Prayers for all those lost, and who lost loved ones, on this day 14 years ago

The world worsened, for all of us, that day.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

"...they didn’t know how important it was, and now it’s gone."

“A lot of them come in, and they are completely happy: ‘Oh, I’m really happy I can get this done, I’m not ready for a child. I’m a hundred percent into this,’” she continued. “And then you see them walk out of the room however long later, and you can just see this look in their eye. A part of them was just ripped from them, and they didn’t know how important it was, and now it’s gone.”

~ Holly O’Donnell, former StemExpress worker, about women coming into Planned Parenthood to obtain abortions.

Be careful if you want to read the rest of the article. Several graphic descriptions are given, and it is not a good idea to read them if you are not already on a path to healing and recovery from the trauma and grief of having had an abortion. Please check out our sidebar at right, there are a lot of links for places/websites for those recovery groups.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

"Would You Care if Planned Parenthood desecrated The Violinist’s body?", Timothy Brahm Asks


"What We Learned in CMP’s Fifth and Worst Video Yet" by Timothy Brahm at Clear Pro-life Thinking blog, is perhaps the best, clear-headed, rational analysis I've seen yet, and Timothy also examines "The Violinist Argument" that is often cited by pro-choice folks, in "Why Even Thomson’s Violinist Condemns Planned Parenthood’s Selling Baby Parts".

In the first discussion, Timothy states then uses the evidence to prove that "It is the most visually graphic and disturbing yet, and it is also the most damning to Planned Parenthood":

  1. Evidence of Planned Parenthood Changing Abortion Procedures to Harvest Baby Parts
  2. Financial Benefit, NOT Just Compensation for the Costs of Donating
  3. Selling “Intact” Babies
  4. and more evidence with All Three Problems Combined…

In conclusion, I would like to pose a question to anyone that is still defending Planned Parenthood: There are at least half a dozen videos still coming. Is there hypothetically ANYTHING that could be in these videos that could persuade you that you shouldn’t support Planned Parenthood anymore? Is there anything a Planned Parenthood executive could say that would persuade you that the organization is corrupt? Is there any evidence that could convince you that they are financially profiting from selling baby parts, or doing something else illegal?

If the answer is yes, I’d be really interested to know what would do it for you.

If the answer is no, then it should disturb you that you are that closed-minded. Blind support for any organization is unconscionable.

In the second article, Brahm states that "The silence from pro-choice people in response to the recent Planned Parenthood videos is deafening. In this post I explain why they should be furious with Planned Parenthood too." Read the synopsis in that post of The Violinist argument, if you're not familiar with it, or Google it or go to the original source, if you prefer.

Then read the post in its entirety. It's nothing if not rational and exactly using The Violinist Argument:

Suppose the nurse then shows you a consent form she wants you to sign. The form gives the hospital permission to donate the violinist’s body for research, and assures you they won’t change the “unplugging procedure” at all. You protest that you aren’t the violinist’s next of kin so you can’t sign any such form. She tells you that the violinist has no family, that you are the closest thing he has to family. Legally, your consent would be enough. She reminds you how much good could come from the research. Diseases could be cured. People’s lives could be saved. “Everyone wins if we do this…well, everyone except the vegetable there. And it has no right to your body. Why not make the best of the situation? Why let its body go to waste?”
Suppose then you discovered that they weren’t hoping to donate the violinist’s body, they were hoping to sell it, and, contrary to what they promised you, they would adjust the “unplugging procedure” to make it more likely they would get sellable parts.
Try to be intellectually honest enough to not get hung up on a single detail. If you’re unconvinced that Planned Parenthood profits off selling baby parts, ask yourself how comfortable you would be with the violinist being treated the same way.
[I]f you’re going to justify the research, you need to use a different argument than merely, “we don’t want them to go to waste.” We don’t harvest the organs of death row inmates without their consent, even though that’s letting them “go to waste.”
If my dad wants to donate his body to science so they can better understand cancer, that is his call to make and no one else’s. If we’re going to do research on dead bodies, we need the consent of the deceased, and we need to do that research in a way that honors the person’s wishes and the life they lived.

“But the fetus’ mother gave consent. Can’t parents give consent for their child’s body to be used for research?”

Yes, parents of born children that die tragically have the right to give that kind of consent on behalf of their child. But you don’t get to have those kinds of parental rights without corresponding parental obligations. The parent has the right to make a decision about how to use her child’s remains only if she is a parent with the responsibility to protect her child. You cannot have one without the other, and you cannot justify abortion if you concede that the mother is a parent with the responsibility to protect her unborn child.

The only way for any decent human being to feel comfortable with how Planned Parenthood sells the bodies of the babies they kill is to deny the humanity of those babies. You have to say they are not moral subjects, that they are morally valueless flesh that you can put through a shredder without any moral recourse. You can say that you can unplug from the violinist, but you cannot then turn around and treat the violinist like he doesn’t have serious moral value or treat him as a means to an end.
Would you care if someone [like Nazi doctor Julius Hallervorden] desecrated a murdered Jew’s body by doing research on it?

Would you care if Planned Parenthood desecrated the violinist’s body?

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson: "I Know Who Margaret Sanger Is"

He's basically asking black America: "Do you? Really?"

I would think he has a right to ask that. Wouldn't you?

Because, according to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, Ben Carson is one of those who "should never have been born", one of "the most dangerous and unfit elements in the community," because he was not one of "our [Sanger's] race" (links provided below the video).

Why is it when a white, Southern racist says things like that, all hell breaks loose, but when the founder of Planned Parenthood not only said it but wrote and published it and founded the largest abortion provider in the world to carry out that belief, it's ok?

Frankly, I'm amazed at how calmly Dr. Carson can speak about all this:

Oh he's in deep hummus now, or will be, just like all these gents and ladies, for telling the truth that many of us have been telling for over twelve years, and have also been vilified for:

“The number one cause of death for black people is abortion, and I wonder if maybe some people might at some point become concerned about that and ask, why is that happening... I encourage people to go and read about [Planned Parenthood founder] Margaret Sanger and go and read about the beginnings of this organization so that you know what you’re dealing with. One of the ways that they’re able to perpetrate the deceit is because people are not informed. The more people are informed, the less likely these kinds of things happen."
And I don't believe he means, read it from Planned Parenthood's own whitewashed history of Margaret Sanger and the early years of Planned Parenthood.

Read Margaret Sanger's own words, out there for all of us to see, which we posted on at length over three years ago. Our post includes screen-shots and quotes of the racist, eugenicist words of Margaret Sanger. Feel free to find them for yourselves on the Google Books link just given. They're there.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brasileña Blog Pro-Life Ofertas Brasileña e Internacional en Español Blogrolls

Brazilian Pro-Life Blog Offers Brazilian and International Spanish-Language Blogrolls

Apenas descubierto que de alguna manera este sitio, Contra o Aborto , ha descubierto nuestros blogs y mensajes enlaces a los mismos. También enumeran una larga en español brasileña nacional blogroll y un Internacional en español de uno .

Para una tonelada de en español sitios pro-vida, visitar esos vínculos. Si alguien tiene alguna información sobre ellos, háganoslo saber.

[Just discovered that somehow this site, Contra o Aborto, has discovered our blogs and posts links to them. They also list a lengthy Spanish-language Brazilian national blogroll and an International Spanish-language one.

For a ton of Spanish-language pro-life sites, visit those links. If anyone has any feedback on them, do let us know.]

One of their posts starts:

"2229" era a senha para o sistema de alarme em uma das clínicas de abortos da Planned Parenthood, a maior rede de abortos dos EUA, que está aparecendo nos notíciários devido à divulgação de vídeos secretos nos quais são mostradas gente graúda da organização negociando preço para a venda de partes de bebês abortados.
Impresionante. Estupefaciente, incluso.

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"19 Shocking Post Abortion Depression Statistics" from National Health Council (NHC) website

And that's their article title, not mine, but there's a "But" that's leaving me wary.

The site is called and it's hosted by the National Health Council (NHC) since March 2011. Their membership directory is listed here.

The purpose of the site is

"to assist unfunded NIH applicants in finding other funding opportunities. Called, the database will allow applicants to enter some basic information about their unfunded NIH grant applications in order to make that information available to other potential funding organizations.

"The new site was announced by the National Health Council (NHC). Members of the NHC will initially have access to the database to be able to assess funding possibilities. The members include more than 40 patient advocacy organizations - from the Alzheimer’s Association to the Spina Bifida Association - representing a diverse group of potential funders who wish to take advantage of the rigor of the NIH peer review process to identify promising proposals. Ultimately, the NHC plans to expand access to their database to include other types of funders.

"Grant applicants will visit the website, register and create a password and enter basic project information, such as an abstract and score from the NIH peer review process."

The University of Texas-San Antonio Health Science Center website explains how it works in more detail:
"The National Health Council (NHC), with input from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has developed a web database designed to bring researchers together with patient advocacy organizations and other funding sources. It’s called HealthResearchFunding.Org.

"How it works: Researchers whose proposals have been peer reviewed by either the NIH or by an NHC member patient advocacy organization will be invited to register with HealthReseachFunding.Org and add an abstract. They will have the ability to also search for NHC member organizations that fund research. NHC member organizations will be able to search for research proposals, search for individual researchers, and search and view other funding organizations. They will also be able to upload requests for proposals, including posting ideas for collaboration with other funding sources.
According to a 23-year-old citation on Wikipedia: "The NIH now controls more than 50 percent of all funding for health research, and 85 percent of all funding for health studies in universities."

This article, dated Mar 19, 2015, was perhaps was covered by folks already back then, but we'll post on it now (remember, we've been on and off hiatus so long, there are plenty of things we've missed while working our dayjobs!):

Women may suffer from depression after giving birth to their child just as they may suffer from depression after having an abortion. Many Pro Life groups will jump on the post abortion depression statistics as proof that abortion is “wrong,” but that logic would also make giving birth wrong. Sometimes women feel that it is necessary to have an abortion. That necessity may also put these women at a higher risk of future health problems.

Facts About Post Abortion Depression

[Blogger's note: #7 and #8 are about post-birth, not post-abortion]

1. Women who have an abortion are 3x more likely that women of child-bearing age in the general population to commit suicide.
2. The increased risk percentage of women who have an abortion compared to women in the general population of having at least one mental health issue: 81%.
3. Teen girls are up to 10x more likely to attempt suicide then their counterparts who have not had an abortion.
4. Teen girls who have had an abortion are up to 4x more likely to successfully commit suicide when compared to older women who have had an abortion.
5. About 45% of women who have had an abortion report having suicidal feelings immediately following their procedure.
6. Only 1% of women of child-bearing age seek psychiatric help for mental health issues in the 9 months prior to having an abortion. After having an abortion, the percentage rises to 1.5%.
7. Within a year after first-time mothers gave birth, 7 per 1,000 women were treated for mental-health issues, in comparison to 4 per 1,000 before baby.
8. Up to 33% of mothers will experience depression at least once between the time their child is born and the child’s 12th birthday.
9. 1995 data suggests that the rate of deliberate self-harm is 70% higher after abortion than after childbirth.
10. The British Journal of Psychiatry found an 81% increased risk of mental trauma after abortion.
11. At least 27% of women who have an abortion will have a moment of suicidal ideation afterward.
12. A study of California Medicaid patients found that the risks of suicide increase by 154% for women after they have an abortion.
13. 2 in 3 women who have a late abortion [after 12 weeks] suffer from the clinical definition of PTSD.
14. 40% of women in one UK survey said that they wanted to keep their child, but the pressures of others to have an abortion forced their hand in the decision.
15. Women whose first pregnancies ended in abortion are 65% more likely to score in the ‘high-risk’ range for clinical depression than women whose first pregnancies resulted in a birth.
16. Abortion may be a risk factor for subsequent depression in women for up to 8 years after the pregnancy event.
17. Women who have had an abortion are 34% more likely to develop an anxiety disorder.
18. 110%. That’s the increased risk of alcohol abuse in women who have had an abortion.
19. The number of women who have an abortion every year in the United States: 827,000.

The article then remarkably embeds two videos about post-abortive women talking about their grief and remorse, one of these from the web-tv series "Surrender The Secret" from Knock-TV/ which we wrote about in December 2013.

What I can't figure out though, is that the article, in fact, all their articles, strangely lack links, citations to research sources, footnotes, even authors/researchers' names. And it seems that nowhere on the public website is a reference to its parent NHC, an "About" page or any way to learn about them except by the contact form to the site's editor. I had to Google to find out who they were and what the site was about.

Yet when you Google "HealthReseachFunding.Org" for the NEWS clips, or search on the site name and a topic, like "abortion," there are a number of citations of them in several varied publications.

I'm stumped as to why they list no citations, links or notes. It's unclear whether any of their "articles" are actual conclusions from research already conducted, or NIH-peer-reviewed proposals for research on these bullet-points, or requests for proposals or ideas for collaboration on same. Yet they're getting quoted enough by some small news media as an already-researched, legitimate source.

Does anyone know what we're really reading on this site, this article? While many if not all of the facts listed, we're familiar with in at least some similar variation from our own years of digging up peer-reviewed, published research on these very issues, we just don't like sites that don't cite their sources.

The article at least concludes with the great question,

What Can We Do To Help?

The #1 thing we can do as a community is to help women who are facing a difficult choice in whatever way we can. A majority of pregnancies that occur are not planned and a majority of unplanned pregnancies wind up as an abortion. Either way, however, a woman who becomes pregnant will automatically face an increased risk of depression no matter what choice she has regarding her future. Instead of pre-judging each woman’s circumstance, providing services and supports makes a lot more sense.
We agree.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Why I Don't Think We'll Ever Do Twitter Here At AfterAbortion Blog

Yeah, this is exactly what I think of Twitter.

HT to Zac Alstin who has a very fine blog, who posts another chilling similar vid on that post. Do go watch, especially if you're starting a family or have just done so. The Twitter skewer song is also explained in detail for the overwhelmed, confused or defensive at Buzzfeed here.

I remember seeing Shaq O'Neal's twitter bombs all over my son's sophomore dorm hallways and thinking, "Really? Grown people have time for this inanity?" Has it become a "necessary evil"? And what if, inexplicably, Twitter disappeared tomorrow, say? Oh, boo hoo hoo. People wouldn't die. They wouldn't starve. They'd be depressed as all get out, for a long while perhaps, without their personal spotlight/instant gratification every-30-second fix, but they wouldn't die. Life would go on. Yawn and ho-hum. So what. Mind-numb some other way. They'd just binge-TV more, I guess. I haven't watched TV since it went digital in 2009 and the rabbit ears didn't work. Get my both-sides news online via sites like and its corollaries in every flavor of what's really important in life (RealClearPolicy, Markets, World, Defense, Science, Technology, Energy, History, Religion, Education, Sports and Books). Still can't afford cable, sat-dish or even Netflix. Got much better things to save my money for, and frankly I don't miss it or the Kardashians. Got much better things to save my mind for, also. Like, read. And, um, write. And exercise. Blow me up on Twitter all you want; I will never know (or care) about it! Puts a smile on my face just thinking about that.    8^)

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Twenty-Plus Years of Post-Abortive Women Finding Help, And Maybe It's Made It Easier Now

A post-abortive woman wrote this anonymous letter which was published at in July, originally posted on Chicks On The Right (I love that title!) :
I won’t bore you with the details of the complications I suffered for a year after or my days in college where I went through a horrible breakup or when I drank heavily to cover the pain in my heart or even the deep depression, suicide attempt, and hospital stay that followed my choice 18 months later. At 19, I finally realized the grief I had never dealt with grew and I finally learned to talk to my friends and family. I made one promise to myself though… No matter what, I would never have another abortion. I would make better choices. I would never have to make that choice again.
Read the whole thing.

It's amazing that in only 18 months, she was able to acknowledge her grief, that it was only getting worse, and to talk with her friends and family. It took me 20 years to even start doing that. I'd like to think she was helped to reach this point so quickly in part because of earlier women (and men too) somehow finding that courage, in the early post-abortive recovery "movement," for lack of a better word, which started to form and really pick up steam in the early 1990's.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Tired of the Dance"

That could have been my child. I already know firsthand what happens in abortion. I know you can see their tiny feet and hands and other body parts. I saw my own boy. I still can remember that day over 40 years ago when I stared at my dead son in disbelief. Like millions of other women, I bought into the lie that he was nothing but a blob of tissue. Funny how body parts magically appear when it comes to profits. I could not believe at the time that something like this could possibly be legal in our country. I still cannot believe it, and hopefully now other people will feel the same.

Were my son’s organs harvested? Who knows? Torturing myself and all the thinking in the world won’t change what happened to him. I do know he was dumped in a jar, and that was bad enough.

from the article "The 'Privacy' Planned Parenthood Counts On For Protection"

On a recent MSNBC’s Now show, Dr. Anne Davis of the Physicians for Reproductive Health described the donation of aborted babies as a “compassionate gesture," “very generous and very altruistic.”
I am post-abortive myself, and have been working with women who have had abortion for over 20 years. It is no surprise that her words and the reality of what I know to be true just do not jibe, and frankly, many of us are really tired of the dance.

"Altruistic" is defined as showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish. Its synonyms—unselfish, selfless, compassionate, kind, public-spirited—somehow do not go with the deliberate termination of an unborn child.

Anyone who has had an abortion and is honest with themselves (and it takes a certain degree of healing for this) would admit that their abortion was anything but selfless. For most of us it was self-preserving. True, it may have been coerced, we may have been abandoned, we may have thought we were being selfless by not bringing an “unwanted” baby or one who had received an adverse diagnosis we thought would suffer into the world, but ultimately the decision was about us. Perhaps we had the abortion to save a relationship, we had been told it was not the “right time,” or because of a job, or school, or maybe financial concerns, but in the end, most times it is about serving and preserving “self.”

In no way do I mean to put all the blame on the women, or to blame anyone for that matter, but rather to understand the state of mind women are in in most cases, when they are going for an abortion.

Underneath it all, no matter what women say, they know what they are doing. They choose to believe the lies of the abortion industry because they feel they have to make this choice, which often is no choice at all. They choose to believe the lies of the abortion industry because it makes what they are about to do more tolerable and rationalizes and justifies it for them. They need this because the truth is too painful and most women who abort do not want to terminate their child.

So, here she goes, walking into the clinic: sad, conflicted, fearful, maybe angry, perhaps feeling abandoned, guilty, and filled with turmoil. She is about to participate in taking the life of her own child. Believe me, she is not skipping into Planned Parenthood, she is doing this for whatever reason she feels she has to do.

Now, Dr. Davis, of the Physicians for Reproductive Health, and many others, including Planned Parenthood itself, would like us to believe that in the midst of all this, these women, on their own accord, are thinking of how great it would be to donate her child’s body parts for research.

I think not! At least not without a lot of probing and encouragement from the clinic. I can just hear it now: here is a woman totally vulnerable, confused and no doubt in fear and pain. Do we really believe fetal donation is on her mind?
[Recent weeks have] been difficult for those who have experienced abortion, and with more videos on the way, the pain may continue for many. To those who have donated their aborted children, I would say, "As with abortion, recognize you are not totally culpable but have bought into the deception of those who make a profit from killing our children."

To those who have suffered from adverse diagnosis, it is so understandable that you would want your child’s life to benefit others in this most difficult and heartbreaking situation so they would not have to go through your pain. Understand your state of mind at the time. God does.

To those of you who did not sign a consent form but wonder if your child was used, and really for all of us, place your child into the arms of a God who understands what happened and loves us unconditionally in our human weaknesses. Your child is at peace in the Lord, and the desire of their heart is that you be too.

Yes, things just do not jibe, your feelings are normal, and you do not have to do the dance any longer.

~ from the article, "Have You Donated Your Baby to Science?"

Both by Theresa Bonopartis, on Theresa is a dear friend of us here at AfterAbortion blog, and the director of the post-abortion healing program Lumina and co-developer of the “Entering Canaan” post abortion ministry model.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Who is Speaking?

[O]ne experience she had a young woman really reached her, when her best friend asked her to come with her when she had an abortion:
"I accompanied my best friend, because she was having an abortion, and I watched what that did to her. I watched how she was dealt with at that abortion clinic, the fact that she really wasn’t presented with any options…

"One of the things that struck me as so sad is, she was never really encouraged to even evaluate that choice. It was sad, because I think she would have been a less tortured woman later, had she thought carefully about the choice that [she was making]."

Her husband’s mother was encouraged to abort him, and learning this had a profound effect on Fiorina:
"When I met my husband, I learned that his mother had been told to abort him…she was a woman of great courage and faith, who, despite the advice of her doctors, she went ahead and brought her son into the world, and while she spent a year in the hospital following his birth, he was the joy of her life and he is the rock of mine. And I’ve thought a lot about how different my life would be if she had made a different choice."
For an analysis of why anyone would even consider Carly Fiorina for President, we delve into that on our sister blog, Abortion Pundit, in "What Do Bill Clinton and Carly Fiorina Have In Common?"

If you're in your 20s or 30s, especially if you take your politics seriously and believe you're really in the know, go check it out. You will learn a lot, I think.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Press Never Questions Obama About Planned Parenthood Illegal Activities

The mainstream press studiously avoids asking Obama about the Planned Parenthood illegal organ-harvesting admission.

Quelle surprise.

Where's Eric Holder when you really need him? Gone? Gee, that's funny, the DOJ website still lists hims as the Attorney General 0: . How apropos.

So where's Loretta E. Lynch then? Nowhere to be found, in this illegal matter?

God, I hate politics.

But as Whittaker Chambers put it, "politics is the present tense of history," so I have to care about it.

More on how the news media covers, shape-shifts its coverage or doesn't cover at all.

David Crary is mentioned in that Federalist article. Oh, does that name ring bells. He and the entire AP have long been ridiculously biased in favor of supporting all things abortion. We at had several "run-in's" with him in 2005 and 2006, when we were in the process of giving evidence of the incorrectness of the urban legend that both columnist Ellen Goodman and Sen. Barbara Boxer insisted was true, which AP's Justin M. Norton had reported, that there had been 5,000-10,000 maternal deaths from pre-Roe abortions. We and our readers were successful in forcing a retraction column from Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman at the time as well. AP subsequently also wrote the article setting the record straight, and the Straight Dope even published our efforts and debunked the myth as well.

Don't take anything from the AP as true or unbiased, if it comes from Crary especially.

And on another note, another reason I hate politics. (this one's so good it's being added to my running "Hillary BackPedals" List (see the sidebar at our sister blog for that, under the BAN BOSSY cartoon).

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Shame And To Blog Or Not To Blog

Josh Brahm of Clear Pro-Life Thinking discusses shame--and shaming--in regards to post-abortive regret, and respectfully "debates" with a pro-choice abortion practitioner/friend on the subject. Read the whole post. I wish more so-called pro-lifers were like Josh.
"I think some pro-choice people would go farther than that though and say that me making a moral argument against abortion in public, even on a blog or on Facebook, is an act of shaming because a post-abortive person could hear or read that argument and feel shamed. I don’t think that’s an act of shaming though. There’s clearly no intent to shame people and if someone as a result feels shame, it seems like this should go in the first category of personally felt shame. If we’re going to say that nobody should be allowed to debate topics in public that could possibly cause somebody to feel shame, nobody will be talking about anything important in public. Clearly that’s not the way for our society to move forward."
We've never advertised or Google-ad'd this blog. We've never sought or taken a penny for what we do here. We've got non-existent to miserable social media skills and no major, relevant "feeds", no Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no nothing, since the blog's inception. We're inept about publicity, in all regards. Yet this blog has had over half a million visitors who found it and visited at length, all on their own, looking for help, for an answer, for relief, for recovery from the shame they finally feel over their abortion or their involvement in one.

Now twelve years running and still going, we only hope to help by being that kind of safe, protected, unjudging resource. Welcome. Check out the WHO WE ARE at right in the sidebar to learn more.

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