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Friday, February 21, 2003

An article yesterday in the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports on the passage of a bill to require, with some exceptions, that abortion doctors give information about potential side effects to women considering abortion followed by a 24-hour waiting period.

"At an emotional hearing on the legislation this month, a series of women told of their own experience of having an abortion and later regretting it. Many said they had emotional side effects - something the abortion clinic should have warned them about.

Lori K. Driggs of Grain Valley said she got pregnant 22 years ago, when she was a teenager. Driggs said she has mostly blocked out the memories.

"Planned Parenthood failed to let me know this would affect my soul and spirit," she said. "The grief was unbearable."

Opponents said the bill is insulting to women, implying that they don't do a lot of thinking and research before deciding to have an abortion."

One of my children has had two routine, minor surgeries in the last year. There was an initial exam, where the problem was diagnosed. Then a follow-up consultation, where the doctor explained in mindnumbing detail all the bad things that could happen as the result of the proposed surgery.

I did NOT sit in the doctor's office and think, "How very insulting. Doesn't he realize that I've already done a great deal of research and thinking on this?"

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