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Monday, February 10, 2003

The David Tell review that Leslie refers to below also mentions the new book, Back to the Drawing Board, a collection of essays edited by Theresa Wagner from a broad spectrum of pro-life writers in the general vein of "where do we go from here?"

One of the 28 essays addresses post-abortion distress. This contribution was written by Philip Ney of Hope Alive. David Tell takes him to task:

"A couple of the book's essays are exercises in crankery. Something called 'Vicarious Pain Syndrome' affects a woman who's had an abortion, according to Philip Ney: The dying baby's trauma is 'transmitted across the placental barrier by hormones' and then permanently resides in [the mother's] head.' Children such a mother might later bear suffer 'Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome,' an 'existential guilt' about their dead sibling that 'might' lead them to 'violence' and 'terrorism'".

I'll be blogging about this in a few days. Your thoughts?

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