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Monday, February 24, 2003

A pregnant woman throws acid on her lover in an abortion clinic in southern China when he tries to force her to get rid of their baby.

It's important to pay attention to what this means about the woman's assessment of the clinic, which is that she couldn't turn to them for protection, or even expect them to screen for whether pressure was being applied.

American clinics are all too similar to this clinic in southern China. They make no serious effort to screen for those women who are having pressure put on them to abort.

Shouldn't abortion clinics provide screening and counseling so that they can successfully determine whether a woman is under duress? In the course of a given month in a standard abortion facility, how many women walk back out of the door, baby intact, after the clinic successfully determined that the woman herself did not wish the abortion?

I'd like to see both federal and state governments fund research into this.

I'm not sure how many women are sent home by abortion a guess, I'd say less than 1%. If 20-30% later report that they were experiencing pressure to abort, which the clinic entirely failed to notice, there's something very wrong here.

Here's one quick and easy screening tool. If you ask the young woman who that older lady is with her, who just paid for the abortion, and the young lady says, "That's my boyfriend's mother", you've got a problem.

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