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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Abortion and Breast Cancer Update

The Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer is a coalition of scientists and policy advisors and activists who believe that there is good evidence linking induced abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute convened a workshop the last week of February that concluded there is no such link.

The CABC is slowing getting their response to this out. They have an email newsletter, which you can sign up for by going to the link above and clicking through on the newsletter link.

The e-newsletter they sent out this week says in part:

"Two weeks ago, scientists attending a workshop sponsored by the National
Cancer Institute disavowed their own research - 28 interview-based studies
reporting risk elevations. These scientists are not independent of the NCI
or other federal agencies. They rely on the NCI for their funding. Some
participants confidentially expressed concerns that they would lose their
grants if they expressed the view that abortion is related to increased risk
of breast cancer.

Although the alleged purpose of the workshop was to conduct a comprehensive
review of the medical literature and to debate the issue, NCI scientists
orchestrated a much different scenario. Only one viewpoint was offered -
that there is no relationship between abortion and breast cancer. New
research showing a negative relationship between abortion and breast cancer
was presented at the conference, but the authors of that research did not
make their data available to workshop participants. Nor were the
participants provided with the research for their evaluation prior to the
start of the conference.

Although the 3 day workshop was videocast, the videocast for Day 2 was never
made available to the public through the NCI's website (unlike Days 1 and
3). Perhaps it wasn't coincidental that on that day the new research was
presented. No minority report was sought from scientists, and by reading
the NCI's website, one would not know that a scientist (Joel Brind)

Significantly, scientists did not disavow the biological explanation for an
abortion-breast cancer link. They can't. It is physiologically correct.
They know that overexposure to estrogen is related to most of the known risk
factors for breast cancer and that by the end of the first trimester, a
pregnant woman's estrogen level rises 2,000%. They know that estrogen is a
tumor promoter. The only process which neutralizes that effect occurs in
the third trimester. It shapes cells into milk-producing tissue and makes
them cancer resistant."

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