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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Family Constellations

I recently came across an approach that is new (to me, at least) to the emotional aftermath of abortion.

The Bert Hellinger Approach for systemic solutions with families, according to the extensive webpage, "has rapidly caught worldwide interest. Now in more than 25 countries consultants, therapists, and other practitioners of family and organization constellations are working with the Hellinger Approach."

The Hellinger Approach is known as Family Constellation Work by its--relatively few, so far--practitioners in the United States.

A guiding principle of Family Constellation Work is that "Every member of a system has the right of belonging to his or her own system, and the rest of the members must recognize that right. A child lost in abortion or miscarriage still has a place in the system. If his right of belonging were ignored, a younger child in the family system would have the signs of entanglement."

Put another way, the claim is that if a child is rejected from the family through abortion (or loses its place through miscarriage), the next children who come along will "have the signs of entanglement", which Family Constellation Therapy can address, through welcoming the child lost in abortion back into the family.

As you explore links like this one, or this or this, you'll find claims such as "...difficulties with a current partner could be related to an abortion 15 years ago" or that "Bert Hellinger's [work] includes an innovative and healing approach to the aftereffects of abortion."

The websites of United States practitioners who are pursuing Bert Hellinger's approach have an alternative, perhaps somewhat New Age-y feel. There appears to be no religious or political backdrop to these theories about the impact that abortion can have. The essential idea is that unhealed family traumas, as one of the websites linked to above puts it, "...may be the REAL source for your life's difficulties...Loss of children due to abortion, etc."

If any of my readers have any experience with Family Constellation Work, please drop me a line and tell me all about it.

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