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Thursday, March 6, 2003

I maintained last week that the professional associations for Christian counselors are basically not even on the radar screen when it comes to providing training and information about emotional distress after abortion.

As my regular readers will remember, one representative of one such association wrote and told me that it was "inexcusable" for me to say that. He maintained that even if this were true, I'm in no position to confidently assert it. Several others wrote who agreed with me.

One organization of Christian counselors is CAPS, the Christian Association of Psychological Studies. It has published a journal for many years. It has an annual national conference and multiple regional conferences.

I wrote a polite, short note to each of the regional CAPS coordinators last week, asking if they could remember a CAPS journal article or national or regional speaker who addressed post-abortion trauma, or how to counsel people who experience emotional distress after abortion.

None of them wrote back.

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