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Sunday, March 9, 2003

I've added a new poem about abortion to the permanent links section on the left. This poem is by Dave Sloan, whose webpage I was just fortunate enough to discover.

He says about this poem (the third of four when you click through on this link) that:

"This is certainly my most requested performance poem, and also the only one I get frequent requests to explain. I don't think the explanation matters, but here it is anyway: I begged my girlfriend not to abort our child but she didn't want me and she didn't want it. As the scraping hour approached I had visions of a hole opening up in the ceiling above me and some huge curette-like instrument coming into the room and scraping things from the walls and ceiling. Paintings, chandeliers, fetuses, monkeys fell to the floor around me. Uncle Bernie in the poem is more than simply the abuser of the narrator at seven. He is the abortion doctor as well. The monkey is the youth, the child, the infant, the fetus, the primal source of our derivation. The ocean of course is the womb-our home, our liquid being. Someone once asked me whether that explanation meant I was anti-abortion. My answer: I believe that abortion is a choice which occurs within a dearth of love. If all of us, especially us men, do a better job of loving women, then women will choose life."

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