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Friday, March 14, 2003

Today I get to be an Art Critic

My loyal readers will remember that it was the National Appreciation Day for Abortion Providers just five days ago.

In looking over their website, I find that they have three poems in honor of Abortion Providers and several posters that were submitted to a poster contest.

Freud, Freud, Freud.

The first poster looks like a little girl inside the womb except that she appears to have had her legs chopped off at the knees, as if the first stage of a D and X abortion had started.

The winning poster is the third one down, which is a stylized rendition of what appears to be a very pregnant woman with her arms lifted over head. The woman is supposed to resemble a tree, in an attempt to capture a vision of a lush, fruitful, strong woman. Except it is all in red, so it looks like her stylized tree-arms are bleeding all over the place.

If you read the poems, you will see that the third poem is written by someone who has dark, unresolved feelings about her abortion. Not to be a broken record on this, but it continues to surprise me that people who are trying to put out a positive vision of abortion would, SO OFTEN, publish material that indicates very unsettled psyches.

Ya just have to go over, though, and read the first two poems.

Here are a few lines:

"this is how I rise
with my pen aimed at policy-makers
women make good decisions which aging white men should respect"

Tra la la.

Women always make good decisions. Never met a woman in my life who had ever made a bad decision about anything. Every woman I have ever met, literally all her decisions were good.

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