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Monday, March 31, 2003

Wrestling with war conscience

Yeah, this has been tough for me over the weekend. I support this war. I believe that as the result of this war, many fewer people will die than would otherwise.

What is eating at my conscience are my visceral reactions of cheer when I hear about Iraqi soldiers dying. I feel like a Roman barbarian.

Each human life is equally precious to God.

Yet when I imagine myself in sorrowful prayer at hearing of an Iraqi soldier who has died, I can't help but thinking of Naomi Wolf's famous New Republic article from 1995 (I'll add the link later) where she quotes many women who express great sorrow over their abortion. Naomi is pro-choice. At the end of the article, she imagines a future where pro-choice women stand outside abortion clinics to light a candle for those who have died inside.

Her sense seems to be that babies have died, so we should light a candle for them, but that these deaths are somehow necessary. I think this position bears the marks of cognitive dissonance.

Considering that no lives will be saved by these babies dying, whereas there is at least some chance--and, I think, a strong one--that many lives will be saved because of the deaths of Iraqi and terrorist combatants--I'm confused about why my conscience is so torn.

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