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Saturday, March 8, 2003

You know, you read the comments on this blog from post-abortive women like the one below, and you wonder, "What do abortion doctors think about all this? What steps do they take to understand their patient and make sure this doesn't happen?

A doctor writes:

"The fear begins during the initial consultation. Patients often sit in the waiting room in a state of hyper-vigilance, eyeing every patient who comes through the door, watching staff members suspiciously, and listening acutely to every sound. Their fear is not hard to understand. As a patient, you're considering having a total stranger permanently alter your face or body. There are dozens of questions going through your mind. What if something goes terribly wrong? What if there's a mistake, and you're disfigured for life? Is it going to hurt? What if the horror stories in the media are true?"

and goes on to talk about which patients are good candidates, emotionally speaking, for surgery and which ones are not.

Oh! Wait! This doctor is a cosmetic surgeon.

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