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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Ethics of abortion: A Wiccan Perspective.

This is so sad. It's a hard struggle by a woman who may have had abortions herself, and who for sure has many friends who have lost children through abortion, to find a way to believe that nothing was lost, everything's cool.

"In looking at abortion from this perspective, where lies the responsibility for aborting a potentially ensouled body? As we believe a child chooses it's own birth, might a soul not also choose an abortive experience? If two True Wills cannot come into direct conflict with each other because the universe is a whole, and it is in the True Will of the mother to abort, then does it not logically follow that a soul chose that abortion? Perhaps there is a balancing of fate or karma that a soul needs to experience and so chooses to abort. Perhaps they were an old soul that just needed some final balancing, provided by the abortive experience itself."

"One theory put forth has been that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a result of a body being born without ever having had a soul enter it. After some time, the ectoplasm can no longer support itself and, due to "no explanation," the body dies. Other theories account for a range of situations, including the belief that autistic children are a result of an unensouled body maintaining physical existence. Though these are hard issues to debate, they leave us with the conclusion that we cannot form consensus on when life differentiates because there is no finite answer."

But read the whole thing.

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