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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Kid Rock's Suicide Song

I didn't know that many songs have been written about abortion.

Kid Rock, aka The Bad Mamajama from Detroit City, has one on his 2001 album, Cocky, The Abortion Song.

"So can I come to see you sometime?
Cause I've been missin' you
I've never heard you cry
I've never seen you why
I'm feeling oh so young
But still I must die to get to you
And if I do I wonder how just you will see me
And implicate the things I've done
I'm dieing in the shadows of this man I've never seen
I'll see you soon
Now wheres my gun?
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Oh Lord, where's my gun?
Oh where's my gun?
Oh Lord, where's my gun?
Oh Lord, my gun"

Kid Rock says: "Music today is in a big fog, a haze if you will. No one's sure where its going, but I like to think that I've got the best set of fog lights out there."

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