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Monday, April 21, 2003

Laci Peterson's child

World Net Daily collects a bouquet of fleurs de mal in reference to the attempt by the Modesto County authorities to charge Scott Peterson with a double homicide:

"'If this is murder, well, then any time a late-term fetus is aborted, they could call it murder,' Morris County NOW President Mavra Stark told the Daily Record of Parsippany, N.J."

Note that Stark isn't raising the possibility that someone who aborted an 8-month fetus could be charged with murder. She appears to be upset about the possibility that someone might "call it murder."

My main point about the NARAL and NOW reaction to fetal homicide laws is that their leitmotif at all other times is that the pregnant woman is and should be the sole arbiter of whether the life she carries has a right to feel the sun on its cheeks.

In their opposition to fetal homicide laws, they incoherently disregard what the particular mother in question has chosen for her child. Her preferences and beliefs no longer count.

Here's what NOW says on their webpage.

Note one quote in particular:

"Feminists argue that the House’s passage of UVVA was not meant to protect women, that instead it was meant to lay the groundwork for dismantling Roe v. Wade by giving the fetus rights separate from the mother. 'This bill is being sold as an effort to deter violence against women, but it ignores the pregnant woman,' Gandy said. 'It is nothing more than a poorly disguised attempt to elevate fetal rights.'”

As I said, this is incoherent, since it doesn't "ignore the pregnant woman". These laws, in fact, support the preferences and beliefs of a very large class of pregnant women, namely, those who think that their yet-to-be born child is a real human person, entitled to the protection and care of its parents and society at large.

When Gandy says that these laws "ignore the pregnant woman", what she must have in mind are those pregnant women who do not have those attitudes and beliefs about their child.

As a psychological observation about Gandy, it is interesting that she so quickly identifies the entire group of pregnant women with those who do not believe their child has or should have any independent standing under the law.

Update 1: Here's the link to the Daily Record (Parsippany, NJ) that originally quoted Marva Stark. Thanks to the Raving Atheist.

Update 2: Take a look at The SICLE Cell's reflection on the fact that over 8000 people have posted their condolences on Conner's death at a Laci Peterson website.

Update 3: Please excuse my attachment to trivialities. I briefly mentioned in an earlier blog the issue of what happened to Scott's hair. For other inquiring minds, this article follows up on that. See the last paragraph.

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