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Monday, April 21, 2003

A pro-choice post-abortion website

"It makes me so mad that we have to feel ashamed to have an abortion. Abortion is legal!"

That quote is from this interesting website.

This site was put together by an earnest young woman who is very pro-choice and yet seems to have experienced a great deal of emotional difficulty following her abortion. She includes a long list of the traditional post-abortion feelings, most of which she has personally endured.

She writes, "when my partner ignored Mother's Day I felt indignant. Even though I didn't have a child to validate my motherhood, I had been, in some small way, a mother."

In one section, Skye writes of a post-abortive flight attendant who struggled with her feelings toward women with children. The flight attendant would volunteer to hold infants and would then pinch them in order to make them cry. Her motive in doing this was so that the other passengers, instead of looking at the infant's mother with the affection and respect we normally accord to young mothers, would instead feel irritated and annoyed by being around a mother with a squalling and disruptive infant.

While abortion is legal, there are many behaviors which are perfectly legal which are nevertheless dishonorable and which thus induce a sense of shame. The law cannot save us from shame.

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