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Monday, April 28, 2003

A reader responded to the Wiccan ethics-of-abortion post below:

"Part of it is that she's not thinking things through. The general rule is that you chose whatever happened, and so the baby chose to be aborted -- but it never occurs to her, by the same logic, that if a woman had a clandestine abortion and endangered future pregnancies because Rh-incompatibility, she would have chosen to develop Rh-incompatibility syndrome. Heck, if she aborted in a regime where abortion was a crime, and got caught and punished, she had actually chosen to be punished."

It's very hard to be clearheaded about the question of "the moral status of the fetus" when people you know, love and (often) respect have had abortions. The Wiccan in that particular article had a trusted Wiccan mentor who had had five or six self-induced herbal abortions. That type of situation can contribute to tortured reasoning.

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