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Saturday, April 19, 2003

The SICLE Cell

While I was frolicking in sunny southern Florida, Ashli and other SICLE moms were testifying before the Florida legislature in favor of a bill, the Women's Health and Safety Act, that would require Florida abortion clinics to meet higher standards of safety and health. (One woman I know who is involved in this told me that the new regulations would require abortion clinics to meet the same levels of sanitation that veterinary clinics are held to.)

It is said with respect to traumatic experiences that every time you tell the story, it loses some of its power to grip and mangle you emotionally. I believe that this is true to some extent, although much more than "telling your story" is involved with recovery.

In my experience, every time I have told my story, I have been drawn back into the grip of its elemental horror.

It is very hard to do this, and I am full of great respect and compassion for Ashli and the others in Florida who ripped the scar off once again as they courageously shared their stories.

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