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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Two different abortions

It's hard to find someone who will say a bad word against best-selling, born-again Christian, hippy, dreadlocked funkalicious single-mother Annie Lamott, who once had an abortion.

Her abortion figured in her conversion, as she lightly tells it in Traveling Mercies.

Someone who does say a bad word against Lamott is Paulina Borsook.

Borsook wrote for Wired in its glory days. In 2000, she published the widely reviewed and discussed Cyberselfish, complaining about the libertarian tendencies in cyberculture.

Borsook herself once endured what she calls a "second-trimester barely legal abortion".

She seethes with anger at Lamott's transformation into a life-affirming mother:

"Kids! What a concept! Anne has it right: take on the role of valiant life-affirming mother, never mind if the right partner-relationship can't be found. It's all for the sake of the child. It's a story that's now, that's true, that's Oprah. Me, I'd be too worried that the dysfunctional childhood of mine might not give me the right idea how to do it, that my parents' deep narcissism and harmful inattention might have meant some important lessons might not have gotten transmitted, that perhaps my long series of failed relationships was telling me something, that my father's psychotic callousness might have left a residue I might well consider not letting any child voluntarily get contaminated by."

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