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Friday, April 18, 2003


We've been on a lovely vacation in south Florida. I didn't think I would like it in Miami, but it's actually a terrific place. The Art Deco houses and public ornaments in South Beach are worth a trip by themselves. The people-watching is great. There's a wider variety of people types in Miami (shape, size, age, color, clothing and bodily ornamentation) than I've seen on any other travels. The ocean is the best of all. Artists say that the hardest part of art is learning how to see what is really there, instead of what you are expecting to see. As I stood in the ocean and tried to identify the color of the water, I came up first with greenish-blue (the cliche). But then I saw that it wasn't really green or blue. It was some kind of taupe, shot through with lemon, with dark violet underneath.

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