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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Brenda Major and the Canadian Medical Association depression/abortion article

Yesterday's edition of the CMAJ published an article that indicated that women who obtained abortions were 2.6 times as likely to require psychiatric hospitalization as those who carried to term. The CMAJ also printed some comments from pro-choice researcher Brenda Major, a professor at UC-Santa Barbara. According to Prof. Major, it is "outrageous" that the CMAJ would publish an article about abortion by David Reardon, because David Reardon is pro-life.

That either means that only people who are pro-choice get to do research into the emotional aftermath of abortion, or else it means that no one who holds a political position about abortion gets to do research. Option Two is fair but, hm, that would really narrow down the field of researchers.

Or another possibility would be for leading medical journals to have independent peer-review panels that would scrutinize submitted articles with a fine-tooth comb, especially articles about controversial subjects like abortion. What? oh.

Theresa Bonapartis of the post-abortion referral network Lumina has shared with me the letter she was prompted to send to Prof. Major, and an excerpt appears here.

"Dear Dr. Major:

As a post-abortive woman I find it very disturbing that you refuse to acknowledge the pain countless women have felt as a result of their abortions. I was outraged by an article I just read in the Canadian papers.

For years I suffered emotionally as a result of an abortion I had in my teens. It impacted all aspects of my life until I finally found a mental health professional willing to address the very real pain I was feeling instead of telling me to "get over it" ,"it is in your past" or "it must be something else, not your abortion."

Over the past ten years, I have worked with hundreds of other women who have suffered with depression, guilt, shame and countless other things who have also been told the same because the mental health profession refuses to acknowledge the impact of abortion. One women ended up in a psychiatric hospital every year for 20 years on the anniversary of her abortion. This past year she finally found someone who would listen and for the first time passed the anniversary intact. It is a travesty!

Thank goodness, it is beginning to change as more and more professionals are hearing the suffering of their clients and beginning to realize this cannot be ignored anymore.

You are doing a great injustice to women. In fact, women are being aborted by a society that endorses abortion yet refuses to recognize its detrimental effects because of political reasons.

It is time all women are cared for...not just those who are poltically correct.


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