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Friday, May 9, 2003

A bulge in the belly

"Though never born, Conner Peterson has achieved remarkable fame. In four
months, the fetus has gone from being the bulge in the belly of his
famously missing mother, Laci, to being Conner the unborn son, a murder
victim who surfaced on a California beach last month."

That's from Newsday. Do you think Laci Peterson used to look down at the bulge in her belly and wonder what that was all about? Did she perhaps worry that she was growing a tumor?

Can a fetus like Laci's sue? is a surprisingly good review of the issues in this debate.

Why does it bother me so much when people de-humanize this little boy?

Maybe I'd feel the same way I do if I hadn't aborted my own child, and too late recognized her as my child.

But I think I have some special anger. Perhaps it is related to a family member who ridiculed me when I told her that I have experienced grief about what I did and about the death of my child. I wish that my own parents and siblings recognized my child as a child of our family. When people speak of Conner Peterson as if he were not real, it reminds me of my private sadness.

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