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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The Canadian press continues to burble over a study published last week in the CMAJ linking abortion to increased rates of psychiatric hospitalization.

I have pulled together a selection of letters-to-the-editor about the study for your reading enjoyment. In Tell women dirty secrets about abortion, Mary-Lynn McPherson, National coordinator of Canadian Nurses for Life, mentions several times that abortion involves killing your own child and then urges that women who have done that seek nonjudgmental counseling from prolife groups. I don't suppose her phone will be ringing off the hook.

Here's another letter, and here we have a letter to the editor from a pro-choice man questioning the ability of pro-life groups to offer non-judgmental counseling.

Off that subject, Bias in abortion study is a two-way street correctly points out the journalistic lapse involved in identifying the political views of the study's authors but ignoring the political views of the study's critics.

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