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Thursday, May 15, 2003

A Greek Orthodox priest reviews "Forbidden Grief"

"This personal trauma occurs within a culture that has what Burke and Reardon call an “empathize-despise” relationship with victims. We empathize with victims but are impatient with the time it takes for them to heal. At the same time, we tend to be suspicious of people who claim they have been victimized.

Moreover, when the victimization involves psychological claims, the argument takes on a political dimension because psychology is not a precise science but subject in many cases to social fashion and personal agendas.

In particular, people who have an interest in promoting abortion are quick to dismiss the evidence that abortion harms women. Those who profit financially from abortion, or those driven by an ideology that seeks to control the “quality of life” of other people, or politicians, physicians, psychologists, clergy and other public figures, who have an investment in maintaining a pro-choice culture necessarily turn a blind eye to the suffering of post-abortive women.

As a result, women who have undergone abortion soon discover that no support exists for resolving their trauma. Affirming the distress is either too great a threat to pro-choice dogma, or too difficult for others to bear. So they are forbidden to grieve."

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