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Saturday, May 31, 2003

The hardest thing I have ever done.

A story from the May 31 Guardian, this is a first-hand account of a married woman who aborted her 23-week-old fetus upon learning he had Down's Syndrome.

"I have horrible thoughts. I think the whole experience has made me a
pretty nasty person. As though I went power mad for a week, killing my
innocent unborn child, and now I am tainted for ever. I am a darker,
harder version of myself. I give pregnant women dirty looks. I get
terribly irritated by my close friends and family. I've realised that
being a nice person is a luxury some can't afford. Being generous and
kind generally happens only when you're happy. Being deeply unhappy and
kind to others at the same time is nigh on impossible. Because, when
you're angry with the world for dealing you such a shit time, you begin
to hate the people who populate it. And attribute some blame to them.
The "why me?" factor is very strong. Why me and not you, you bastard?"

Please read the entire story.

Note the role played by hospital personnel in this abortion.

The hospital seems to not have mentioned adoption, or the fact that thousands and thousands of families are registered who would have been ecstatic and delighted to have welcomed this child into their family.

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