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Friday, May 30, 2003


From the Sarasota Herald Tribume, Two current disputes over unborn babies are a clarifying moment.

"So the question is, Do these two women have the mental capacity to make that decision? The answer quite plainly is that they do not.

So then the question evolves. Since these women cannot give their consent, should the baby be killed without the mother's permission?"

However, as the Miami Herald reports this morning, the child of the 28-year-old was aborted at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

"After two weeks of often heart-wrenching legal drama that transformed the unborn child of a disabled rape victim into a national symbol for anti-abortion activists, doctors aborted the 24-week-old fetus Thursday to protect its mother.

Thursday's abortion ended a sad, dramatic two days in which Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Arthur Rothenberg sought to craft a resolution to the legal squabble that protected both the rape victim and her unborn child."

Meanwhile, a columnist at Florida Today comments on the 22-year-old:

"The pregnancy of the profoundly retarded woman, who has been in the care of the Department of Children and Families since she was 3, has become a trial balloon in the abortion-rights debate. But abuse and neglect of the disabled in state care is the broader issue in this case and must not be overshadowed by abortion controversy."

Both the Miami Herald and Florida Today seem to be offended that these individual lives have been caught up in a national debate about abortion rights. That's like complaining that Dred Scott got overshadowed by that gosh-darn squabble over slavery.

There is, though, a rupture of dignity when people you don't know take up your case and use it as an example in their particular political agenda. There's also a rupture of dignity when you're not competent to give consent and a judge orders invasive surgery on your body. And there's a rupture of dignity when you are killed by a saline injection and then dismembered.

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