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Monday, May 26, 2003

Maine legislature rejects abortion regulations.

"Augusta Republican Julie Ann O'Brien, a co-sponsor of the bill, said it was the only abortion-related bill she would support. The House rejected four other abortion bills on Thursday that have yet to be considered in the Senate.

O'Brien said she sees no harm in enforcing a 24-hour waiting period and supports another part of the bill that seeks to give women a brochure that talks about the risks involved with abortion and childbirth.
'I can't understand how that endangers or in any way jeopardizes the lives, physical or mental, of our women,' she said.

On the other side, Rep. Lisa Marrache, D-Waterville, is a physician, who said women agonize over the decision to have an abortion.

'Have you ever talked to a woman considering abortion?' she asked. 'I have. They think long and hard. It's one of the biggest decisions of their lives.'"

While Lisa Marrache, as a physician, may well have spoken in her consultation room with women considering an abortion, she is wilfully disregarding the brute fact that the majority of women who enter an abortion clinic don't have an established relationship with a friendly and comforting doctor. They have two pink lines on a home pregnancy test and a boyfriend telling them that now is really not such a good time.

I particularly liked one of the five abortion bills that was rejected in Maine. This bill would have required abortionists to foot the mental health bills of minors when the abortion was performed without parental or judicial approval. It's hard for me to imagine why such a bill wouldn't pass handily.

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