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Monday, May 12, 2003

Making the Wrong Choice Is 'the Worst Feeling in the World' from the May 9 Massachusetts News.

It's a long article but worth reading.

"When Vera Faith Lord spoke to the Harvard Law School Society for Law, Life, and Religion May 3 about post-abortion syndrome, there was a profound silence as the audience took in her story.

'The night I got him, I also got a black eye, a broken rib, and a broken jaw. I was in a dysfunctional marriage, and I was abusing cocaine. I was the poster child for a justifiable abortion. I heard this from everyone: friends, co-workers, even from - God help him - a clergyman. They all said that the kind thing to do is to terminate this pregnancy and send this little child back to Heaven where he belongs.'

Lord said that any mother, if she were faced with the choice, 'Shoot me or shoot my child,' would choose to shoot herself. When a woman has had an abortion, 'There is one awful moment when every cell in her being knows what she has done. She has committed the most unnatural act. She has killed her own offspring. It is the worst feeling in the world.'"

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