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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Ms. Magazine's blog comments on the Everwood abortion story.

"The presentation of the much-anticipated primetime abortion was a mixed bag at best. Despite the periodic pro-choice statements (“Whatever choice you make will be the right one, so long as its your own”) and a strong woman’s voice criticizing the patriarchal abdication of responsibility, the clichéd ambivalence of Dr. Andrew Brown (portrayed by Treat Williams), the girl’s apparently regretful tone after the operation, and the fact that Dr. Harold Abbott (the eventual attending doctor) felt the need to cleanse his sins at confession in the final scene, revealed a show attempting to play all sides and ultimately doing nothing at all."

I wonder why they modified "regretful tone" with "apparently."

Update: On Everwood, the kindly doctor tells the distressed young lady whose father is insisting that she abort and whose boyfriend has ditched her that "any choice is the right choice, as long as it is your choice." The Ms. magazine post linked to above is partly about Everwood's abortion plot and mostly about a different subplot having to do with pornography. A reader writes:

"They're like Hugh Hefner when discussing abortion, but they suddenly morph into the Ayatollah Khomeini when it comes to pornography. Isn't 'whatever choice you make the right choice, as long as it's your choice' when a women chooses to pose for Penthouse? Or when a man chooses to 'read' it?"

No, reader. Only women have the power to make choices that are always the right choice. When we pose for Penthouse, that is indeed the right choice, as long as it is our choice. It has proven to be impossible for researchers to establish this, but it doesn't work that way for men.

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