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Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Then think
what a storm, what a towering wave of ruin
rushes down on you!

You can't escape it.

First, the Father will flash
lightening and thunder down, and pound
this jagged ravine into an avalanche
to bury your body in it.
Arms of stone will hug and hold you.
And so, you'll travel through the vast tracts
of time. And at last
come back up into sunlight.

Zeus's feathered hound, the blood red golden EAGLE
will tear your flesh
into flapping rags.
It won't be invited, but it will come:
all day
feasting, its beak
stabbing your liver black.
Blood black.

At no point can you expect
an end to that anguish.
Until perhaps
a God comes, willing to suffer
your pain for you,
willing to sink
down into lightless Hades and the dead dark
hollows of Tartaros.

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound

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