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Wednesday, June 4, 2003

The Boston Globe is irked about the abortion subplot on Six Feet Under.

"Claire encounters her baby in heaven, supposedly the child she gave up a few weeks back in an abortion-clinic sequence that had horrific cattle-call overtones. By presenting Claire's ''choice'' as a baby, was Ball trying to make a big statement about fetuses and the morality of abortion? Or was he showing Claire resolve her own guilt, as the ghost of Lisa agreed to care for the ghost of Claire's boy?"

Link via Amy Welborn. (Blogger: you'll have to scroll.) Also, see comments on her post here.

One of her commentors thinks that since Amy likes Six Feet Under, and Planned Parenthood likes Six Feet Under, that Amy will have to turn in her Catholic card.

How would PP react to the way that Six Feet Under approached abortion this season? I don't know, but I wrote to Christine who runs the blog at Ms. Magazine and asked her to jump in.

Nancy Oliver, a writer for "Six Feet Under", is quoted by Planned Parenthood on the occasion of receiving this award:

"When we heard that we'd been given this award by Planned Parenthood, we thought it was a mistake. Did you miss the episode with the gay hooker in Las Vegas?"

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