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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The Dallas/Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the Norma McCorvey Rule 60 story.


"Sarah Weddington, the abortion rights activist and attorney who originally represented McCorvey, said she doubts the court will take McCorvey's request seriously.

'The chances of it getting to the Supreme Court are so small that we might as well talk about the moon falling out of the sky first,' Weddington said. 'The only thing I can imagine is that Norma McCorvey hasn't been getting much publicity lately and was out to get some.'"

From a position of nearly complete ignorance about Rule 60 motions, I'm inclined to agree with Sarah Weddington about the legal prospects.

However, I suppose that part of the point of filing the lawsuit was to offer the feminist left a chance to offer contemptuous, hostile comments that reveal their inner meanspiritedness, so that's on track.

For more snarky quotes from the feminist left, see the BBC's coverage.

Also in the Dallas paper:

"To support the argument, Parker and his legal team from The Justice Foundation, based in San Antonio, have gathered affidavits from 1,000 women who have had abortions. In the documents, they describe physical pain and emotional trauma that they said resulted from their abortions."

Well, that's what they said, anyway.

Here's a page where you can click through and read some of the affidavits. (I've been remiss and haven't filed one myself. Have to get with that.)

Here's the coverage in the Houston Chronicle and here we have a column by Joseph Farah.

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