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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Does abortion increase the risk of future premature deliveries?

Yes, it does, according to a review in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Induced Abortion and Risk of Later Premature Births. (It's #46 on the Contents Page.)

The study, by Drs. Brent Rooney and Byron Calhoun, notes that the United States has a high preterm birth rate of nearly 12%. The study focuses on Early Preterm Birth (EPB), which means delivery prior to 32 weeks gestational age, and Extremely Early Preterm Births (XPB), which means delivery prior to 28 weeks gestational age.

Some of the study's findings are that women with two prior induced abortions have double the EPB risk, while women with four or more prior induced abortions have nine times the risk of XPB.

Drs. Rooney and Calhoun suggest that abortion doctors should provide this information to their patients as part of the patient's right to informed consent.

Prediction: Abortion doctors won't provide this information. Some state legislatures will therefore pass laws requiring that they provide this information to their patients. NARAL Pro-Choice America will then denounce this legislation as part of an extremist agenda by the religious right to reverse Roe v Wade.

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