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Monday, June 2, 2003

Fetal surgery.

This well-done article points out that while the personhood of fetuses may not be legally recognized, one respect in which they are now recognized as persons is when they are patients. It talks about the famous photo from a few years back which captures a tiny hand reaching out of the womb and curling around his doctor's finger as the doctor performs surgery to correct a spinal abnormality.

Some quotes from the article:

"Since then, anti-abortion activists have posted the image on dozens of Web sites to show just how real human fetuses are—even those that aren’t yet viable."

"But 30 long and contentious years after Roe v. Wade, science that benefits fetuses cannot help but fuel ongoing political, moral and ethical debates."

"For Vanderbilt’s Bruner, operating on the tiniest patients has had a profound effect on his professional and personal life. Initially the experience was one of pure wonderment. 'We would open the uterus and everything in the OR would stop. Everyone was just standing there looking.' Now, Bruner says, he feels a deep and personal connection with every fetus. 'I’m the first human being who will ever touch them,' he says. 'I speak to every one.'”

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