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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

"The first abortion took place when I was 19. 1 had moved out of my parents home and became involved with a man in the business world. He had money and paid lots of attention to me. I wound up getting pregnant and I was scared. He took my fear and worries away by telling me would get married and keep the baby. Everything was smooth for a few weeks until he gradually stopped talking about marriage, and started talking about abortion.

My instincts told me 'no' to abortion and my Catholic faith told me 'no'. I fought it as best as I could in the two short weeks legally given to me at the time because I was 10 weeks pregnant-but I lost. My defenses were down and my power was down. Two weeks later, in November of 1975, 1 walked into an abortion clinic and aborted my first conceived child. I was never the same again. After the abortion, this man abandoned me and I was left alone. I felt very much like a dead person. No life-I just functioned. No purpose---I just existed.

The rest of Liane's story.

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