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Monday, June 16, 2003

The Return of the Repressed

Remember Alan Simpson, formerly a U.S. Senator from Wyoming?

In today's Washington Post, he opines that Republicans shoot themselves in the foot by their zealotry, adamancy and hard-headedness about abortion:

"On the personal and singular issue of abortion, many seem to have the attitude that government really does know best (a very non-Republican view on all other issues) and that individual Americans are incapable of thinking and deciding for themselves on this terribly anguishing and intimate issue.

As a longtime supporter of the right to choose, I have never believed that Congress or the federal government should interfere with the deeply personal and private decisions that women sometimes face regarding unintended or crisis pregnancies. A lot of Republicans agree with me -- and a lot do not. You really have to have rocks for brains if you honestly think we're going to solve that horrible conflict anytime soon."

Interestingly, he describes Republican zealotry on this issue with the phrase "Republicans seem to like to eat their young." Ouch.

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