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Monday, June 30, 2003

Tara of Naturalistic Banter comments here about the Norma McCorvey Rule 60 motion.

Tara discusses the one thousand affidavits that were filed with the Rule 60 Motion, noting that the fact that some women are harmed by abortion is not a very good reason to be opposed to legal abortion.

I agree with Tara about that. There are many human activities that hurt some of us, but they should (and most of them do) remain legal nonetheless.

If the legal status of abortion changes, that should be based on our understanding of the moral status of the fetus. I reluctantly (since I've had an abortion) came to believe that the fetus has full moral standing, since it differs from us only in ways that don't make a moral difference.

Meanwhile, though, it is important for women who have been harmed by abortion to speak up about that, in just the same way that it is important for people harmed by smoking to talk about that. It helps others approach that choice (to smoke or not to smoke, to abort or not to abort) with greater understanding and discernment about the possible consequences.

Tara adds that she finds it hard to believe that anyone is ever really forced to have an abortion.

What does happen far too often is that women come under an enormous amount of pressure to abort. This pressure can take the form of telling your daughter that she has to get rid of it or she is out on the street. It can take the form of a boyfriend urging the woman to abort, and telling her that the relationship is over unless she does. It can be a college coach saying that you have to get rid of it or your scholarship will be yanked, or a boss threatening the loss of a job.

(Thanks to The Raving Atheist for the link.)

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