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Wednesday, July 2, 2003

The Do Nothing Strategy: An Expose of National Progressive Politics by Karyn Strickler in The Utne Reader.

Strickler is a political consultant who helped organize Fifty Plus One, a pro-choice group.

Here, she argues that the larger pro-choice organizations have sabotaged what she regards as the correct strategy to defeat the partial birth abortion ban. She writes:

"In a long and difficult battle with other national pro-choice groups about how the debate on so-called 'partial birth' abortion should be framed, principals of some of the national pro-choice organizations decided that those of us saying—so-called 'partial birth' abortion bans were attempts to ban all abortion—had to be stopped. National pro-choice leaders decided to fight our message by calling pro-choice leaders on the state level and telling them not to work with us. The Executive Director of the National Abortion Federation concluded that our efforts to develop an accurate message should be destroyed."

I don't know, but I'd guess that the larger prochoice groups have rejected Strickler's strategy because it flies in the face of the fact that whatever you call it and whatever the underlying motives of those who wish to ban this procedure, some abortion providers do perform procedures on late term fetuses that clearly do amount to the procedures known as partial birth abortion (that is, the head is coaxed out of the uterus while the baby is still alive and then crushed).

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