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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Making Abortion Unthinkable.

"'Make abortion unthinkable.' The Women Deserve Better campaign seeks to do just that. This innovative approach to the abortion issue, sponsored by a coalition of pro-life groups led by Feminists for Life of America, turns the “pro-choice” argument on its head with the simple, but powerful, message that abortion hurts women.

The campaign uses trendy posters and eye-catching pamphlets and also works to find solutions for those at the highest risk for abortion—women who are in college; who are young and working; and who are low-income. This campaign attempts to refocus the abortion debate by challenging feminists to tell the truth. The Human Life Review quotes Cathy Cleaver, spokesman for the Catholic bishops on life issues: 'For 30 years the abortion experiment has been dominated by a public debate that embraces an utterly false dichotomy: women versus children. Pro-lifers are seen as those who fight for unborn children, pro-choicers as those who fight for women.'

The truth—ignoring the devastating cost of abortion to women, pro-choicers fight for abortion, not women. The National Organization of Episcopalians for Life (NOEL), part of the Women Deserve Better campaign, describes abortion’s immediate risks to the woman’s health, as found in a recent study by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in the United Kingdom, including infection, uterine perforation, hemorrhaging and cervical trauma.

They also cite studies revealing other, serious long-term complications, such as reproductive health problems, breast cancer and cancer of the reproductive system, not to mention the frequent emotional trauma inflicted by abortion and the ramifications of this mental instability. After abortion, women can experience a broad range of psychological problems, including increased use of drugs/alcohol to 'deaden' the pain, insomnia and nightmares, eating disorders and suicide.

Yet, abortion supporters continue to push abortion in the name of women’s 'freedom.' In reality, 'legal abortion has allowed America to turn its back on women,' as Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life says. Under her leadership, the Women Deserve Better campaign confronts this abandonment of women. Because most women 'choose' abortion due to a lack of emotional and financial support and, often, coercion, the campaign seeks to replace these problems with solutions."

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