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Monday, July 14, 2003

NOW Conference Heats up Abortion Debate.

This article quotes Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry on his plans for the March for Choice which is scheduled to occur in D.C. next April:

"Pro-lifers will hold hundreds of signs along the NOW parade route, Terry said, 'showing the miracle of life from conception until birth and then showing abortion techniques.' The Society for Truth and Justice also plans to have a section of women dressed in black, all of whom have had abortions and now recognize that abortion is a crime against women and babies, Terry said."

Randall Terry has attracted controversy for the tactics of Operation Rescue and more recently, for this.

That bit about a "section of women dressed in black, all of whom have had abortions"...this sounds like an image that sprang to his mind unmediated by any contact with groups that represent post-abortive women, like Silent No More. I'd like to hear from someone at Silent No More about that.

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