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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Oh frabjous day.

The Chicago magazine "In These Times"--is there a word for 'zines that crystallize into uptight older brothers of their bad selves?--has published Moving on Just Fine: Web site allows women to share positive aspects of abortion by Eleanor Bader.

"Moving on Just Fine" is a celebration of the website I'm Not Sorry which I discussed February 27. (Due to a Blogger anomaly, to access that article, click through to the appropriate week and scroll.)

Eleanor Bader writes in "Moving On Just Fine" about websites that claim that abortion can have negative emotional repercussions:

"To hear these sites—all of them sponsored by anti-abortion organizations—tell it, women who have abortions suffer from symptoms ranging from mild grief to traumatic stress, conditions made manifest by feelings of alienation, anger, depression, guilt, isolation, and shame."

Gosh. "These sites" are not all sponsored by anti-abortion organizations, and Eleanor Bader knows that. In January 2003, she penned this article about Exhale, a pro-choice San Francisco hotline developed to help women deal with the negative emotional aftermath of abortion.

But even if Bader weren't fibbing, anyone with a search engine can find websites like this one, which has nearly 4,500 registered users, and which is independently financed by its users and its pro-choice owner. And there are literally hundreds of small sites on the web where women express their negative emotions about having had an abortion.

The anonymous medium of the internet is the one place where women really feel safe sharing their feelings about abortion experiences, at least in a way where the broader public can read those thoughts and feelings if they are so inclined.

As far as the mainstream media is concerned, there is a very thick wall of silence around women who hurt inside after abortion. It's amazing to me that pro-choice activists would get so exercised about women who pour their feelings out on their computer keyboards.

As far as I'm Not Sorry goes, the stories posted there continue to display pain and ambivalence and I continue to be surprised that these stories are viewed as positive affirmations of abortion.

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