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Monday, August 18, 2003

Abortion: Is 24-hour wait fair?

This article is about whether there is a good rationale for a 24-hour waiting period in Missouri, and it interviews two women who have had abortions--one of them is now part of Silent No More, and one of them now works in an abortion clinic.

The one who works in an abortion clinic is deeply opposed to the 24-hour waiting period.

Becki Rockers, the woman quoted in the article who needed years of therapy to cope with her post-abortion grief and shame, is not treated altogether well by the man who wrote the article.

He says that she "blames the industry" for her depression, but quotes her as saying "the things I did to myself to punish myself for the mistake I made" and has no quote to support the view that she is under the impression that "the industry" is the cause of her woes.

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