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Friday, August 1, 2003

Eleanor Bader's article, "Moving On Just Fine", has attracted these responses. (Scroll down to the foot of the article to see the comments.)

My original post on that article can be found here.

One of the responses to Bader's article is from Patricia Beninato, founder of the I'm Not Sorry site.

In her response, Beninato expresses anger at those in the pro-choice movement who look at women who abort as "heinous child-hating monster(s)" and who "imply that no 'decent' woman should ever want an abortion."

When discussing women who regret their abortions, Beninato uses words like "wallowing in grief", "breast-beating", and "martyr". On the other hand, she writes that she is "not 'threatened'" by them.

I'm not threatened by breast-beating martyrs who wallow in grief, either, but I suppose some people might be.

Beninato also writes that "other abortion story sites outright refuse to post positive [abortion] experiences." I wonder which sites she has approached, and how they have responded to her. As I've noted here before, the stories at I'm Not Sorry aren't exactly ringing endorsements of abortion.

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