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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I posted a link below to "Singing a Sad Tune", an article about the treatment of abortion in popular music. That article mentions Graham Parker's song You Can't Be Too Strong.

Is this song pro-choice or anti-abortion? Depends on who you ask.

Here we have someone who thinks it is a thinly veiled anti-abortion song.

But this fan says that it is the best pro-choice abortion song.

Nuh-uh. It is actually a pathetic anti-abortion ballad...playing this song won't win you any dates at a NOW rally.

Wait. It is a vile pro-abortion lyric.

This suggests to me that it's hard for people to look at someone's interior landscape without attaching a political message.

But wait. I already knew that.

The commentor who says of "You Can't Be Too Strong" that it is a remarkable combination of regret, self- and partner-blame plus bravado wins.

Did they tear it out, with talons of steel
And give you a shot, so that you wouldn't feel
And wash it away, as if it wasn't real

It's just a mistake, I won't have to face
Don't give it a name, don't give it a place
Don't give it a chance, it's lucky in a way

It must have felt strange, to find me inside you
I hadn't intended to stay
If you want to keep it right, put it to sleep at night
Squeeze it until it could say

You can't be too strong
You can't be too strong
You can't be too strong
You can't be too strong
You decide what's wrong

Well I ain't gonna cry, I'm gonna rejoice
And shout myself dry, and go see the boys
They'll laugh when I say, I left it overseas

Yeah babe I know that it gets dark, down by Luna Park
But everybody else, is squeezing out a spark
That happened in the heat, somewhere in the dark, in the dark

The doctor gets nervous, completing the service
He's all rubber gloves and no head
He fumbles the light switch, it's just another minor hitch
Wishes to God he was dead

You can't be too strong
You can't be too strong
You can't be too strong
You can't be too strong
You decide what's wrong

You can't be too strong
You decide what's wrong
Can't be too hard, too tough, too rough, too right, too wrong
And you, can't be too strong
Baby you can't be too strong...

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