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Monday, August 25, 2003

'Mary Doe' Files to Reverse Doe v. Bolton Abortion Decision.

Earlier today, Sandra Cano--the "Mary Doe" of the 1973 US Supreme Court Doe v Bolton abortion case--filed a Rule 60 Motion to overturn that case.

In doing this, Cano joins Norma McCorvey (the Roe of Roe v Wade), who filed suit in July to overturn Roe.

"Doe v. Bolton struck down the Georgia Health Exception Statute that required the agreement of three doctors to perform an abortion for the health of the mother. In effect, in Doe the Court gutted Roe's trimester limitations, allowing one lone abortionist to perform an abortion for profit for any reason up until the delivery of the baby.

Women across the nation who have suffered the tragic effects of abortion are joining Cano's effort to reverse Doe. Over 1,000 women have provided sworn statements for Doe's Rule 60 motion. "We're standing with Sandra Cano in saying the Doe decision was a mistake. We now have conclusive evidence that abortion is physically dangerous and emotionally devastating," said Dianne Donaudy. 'It harms women. Each of us deeply regrets having an abortion. We want the public, especially women, to know the truth about the tragic and harmful consequences of abortion,' she said."

See this link at Operation Outcry for a vast array of information on the Sandra Cano's Rule 60 Motion.

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