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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Medical Assistant Quit after Finkel misconduct.

"Dawn Normoyle, 35, said she once even smacked Finkel on the arm and told him to quit it after he touched the clitoris of a patient during an exam. 'It didn’t seem like it was right,' said Normoyle, a Florida resident who worked for Finkel in 1994 and 1995. 'He told me that’s how he does pelvic exams.'

Finkel is on trial on 66 counts of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Thirty-five women have said he fondled their breasts or genitals during exams or penetrated them with his hands. Normoyle said she didn’t report Finkel because she wasn’t sure if what he did was proper procedure. Defense attorney Richard Gierloff said Finkel’s actions were medically proper.

Normoyle, who met Finkel when he performed an abortion on her, said he examined her after she quit her job and she asked him not to touch her the way he touched other patients — a request he respected, she said. Gierloff cross-examined Normoyle for about an hour Monday."

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