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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Peter Nixon of Sursum Corda comments here on my post of a few days ago about Saints in the Making.

He writes:

"I think what Emily has identified is actually a weakness in a lot of types of Catholic ministry, where those we serve (and perhaps it is that very word itself that is the problem) can become 'occasions of grace' for us rather than people in their own right. On the other hand, I find that--perhaps for this reason--that Catholic ministry is much less prone to the kind of aggressive prostyletizing that one occasionally finds in evangelical Protestant service organizations."

I do appreciate that this happens in some evangelical service organizations, including some evangelical peer-ministry PA groups. The "need to heal" others takes different forms but it is never pretty.

And, a blog reader wrote me to say that:

"I thought your remarks were very on target and something I struggle with all the time. I am often left with feelings of being a 'token' post-abortive person and take offense at the way many approach the work and that 'holier than thou' attitude. I get particularly frustrated when people seem to jump on the band wagon because PA seems to be the in thing to do now...or when they judge the success of things on how THEY are feeling, or on feelings at all which can change once an emotional high has passed."

Right on, sister.

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