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Thursday, August 28, 2003

The Phoenix New Times: The Practice, Trial begins for controversial abortionist.

"As the criminal trial against abortion doctor Brian Finkel entered its first trimester last week, this became clear: When the time comes, Finkel's lawyer is going to have to tie the accused sexual abuser into stirrups, then drug him to keep him off the witness stand. Finkel was in his favorite place -- center stage -- at the long-awaited jury trial in downtown Phoenix before Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Cates.

During the often graphic opening statements, he constantly peered into the packed spectators' gallery for friendly faces (front row -- his wife of three decades, his daughter, and a few other supporters), and for media types.

Finkel shook his head from side to side slightly as he digested prosecutor Blaine Gadow's opening remarks. He also scribbled frantically on his yellow notepad and whispered often into one of his attorneys' ears.

Once, this self-proclaimed lightning rod for the right-to-life movement was one of the nation's most visible abortion doctors, appearing often on national television shows, defending both his practice and a woman's right to choose. Now, the 53-year-old Finkel is in a down-and-dirty fight for his own right to live the rest of his life however he chooses, instead of behind bars. "

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