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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The Straight Dope is hosting a message board thread as of yesterday about whether (any/some/many?) women regret abortion. One of their posters linked to me, which is how I found out about the message thread.

Several of the posters mention that their high school girlfriends got pregnant and had abortions.

This (high school girlfriend having an abortion) must be true of somewhere between 10-20% of the adult male population in the United States, or at least of those in the 20-50 age range.

As more women speak up about lingering emotional consequences from their abortions, I wonder how that strikes these men. Does it make them wonder if their long-ago girlfriend is one of those women?

I hiked into the Grand Canyon several years ago and fell into discussion with one of our tour guides. He asked me what I do and I talked about post-abortion support. He turned white and silent for a bit, and finally mentioned that his high school girlfriend got pregnant and had an abortion.

He was clearly wondering where she was at with that long-ago decision. I was wondering where HE was at. He had never married and I had already learned from him that in addition to taking tourists into the Grand Canyon, he was an artist. He made just one product, small semi-shaped little forms that he called "yumans". They were called yumans because they weren't quite human. They had the general shape, but no specific features, so you couldn't tell their gender. He had one in his pocket that he had already showed me. You could buy single yumans from him, or yuman groupings. One of the yuman groupings showed two big yumans cuddling a small yuman.

We have good cause at times to disrespect Freud, but there's a reason that his atlas of the unconscious mind has retained its influence.

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