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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The Village Voice publishes a number of comments in response to Norma McCorvey's lawsuit to overturn Roe v. Wade.

One comment reads in part:

"Right now the airwaves are embracing those who lament their past decision to abort in an attempt to manipulate public emotion and create feelings of shame and regret and eventually, anger. The lamenters are fooled into thinking that they will make a difference on a grand scale, but the reality is that their expressed regret still only tells one side of the story and in fact may do more harm than good."

If I understand this correctly, the writer is saying that when those women who do regret their abortion speak up in public about that, they are "creating feelings of shame and regret" in their audience.

Think of all the middle-aged folks who express regret that they drank too much in college. Does anyone ever tell them, "You really shouldn't speak in public about your regret, because it creates feelings of regret in the rest of us"?

No, because it's generally understood that it's awfully hard to create feelings of regret in others, unless those others have their own unresolved conflicts about past behavior.

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