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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Women Offer Haven to Abortion Seekers.

This article is about a group of women in New York City who provide overnight housing to women who come there seeking second trimester abortions.

"'I call Haven the Underground Railroad for women seeking abortions,'" says Shames, describing how she recently hosted a 41-year-old woman who needed an abortion because she was already barely supporting her mother and two children on her factory earnings and would lose her job if she had another baby.

'It's one thing to get out and march for women's rights,' she says. 'It's instant gratification to host women who have been through these amazing hardships to get here.'"

Back in the day, a good feminist wouldn't have been looking for instant gratification like this. She would have been figuring out what to do about a system where a 41-year-old woman would lose her job if she had a baby. She would have been looking for ways to support these women so that the continued life of their healthy second-trimester babies became a real option for them, instead of imagining herself as a New York kinda Mother Theresa because she occasionally lets some poor woman bag out on her futon for the night.

Update: The Raving Atheist sends me
this link to an article in today's New York Post, about a woman who is suing for pregnancy discrimination because her boss allegedly wanted her to abort.

"August 6, 2003 -- At 20 months old, Jaidyn James is a curly-haired cutie with bright blue eyes and an infectious smile.

But if her mother's ex-boss had his way, the playful toddler might never have been born, according to a federal lawsuit that alleges Jennifer James, 24, was fired from a Long Island brewery because she refused to have an abortion."

See, she wouldn't have had to go to all the trouble of the lawsuit and the baby if she had connected with those heroic people from Haven.

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